Saturday 18 November 2017

Oh dear, Tallafornia is a bigger switch off than Ryan Tubridy

SO after all the hype, Tallafornia has become a snoozefest for viewers.

TV3 had hoped the controversial "reality" show would attract younger people across from the Late Late Show but it's figures have been poor.

Not surprsing given the highlight of the show on Friday night last was a young woman who apparently couldn't use a knife and fork.

Now viewers have voted with their remote control.

The series attracted a paltry 164,000 viewers when it made its debut on Friday night. This was down from the average audience of 250,000 for its teaser episode, aired before Christmas.

That's poor considering the Late Late, judged an equal snoozefest last Friday, attracted 710,000 viewers.

The figures will be disappointing for TV3 -- especially as an online parody, Tallafornia - Making The Rest Of Us Feel Better: has now attracted 530,000 views from all over the world.

"We had a total reach of 434,000 viewers for this episode, with a peak audience of 228,000 (and an average of 164,000). Some 20,000 people also watched it online," A TV3 spokeswoman told the Herald.

In last week's episode, the seven Tallaght housemates started to get to know one another and frictions started to emerge as fun-loving Phil (22) got closer to the show's youngest contestant, student Nikita (19), who had previously showed a preference for bodybuilding enthusiast Cormac (29).

It just goes to show, all the publicity in the world won't work if the show is, well, bad.


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