Thursday 21 March 2019

New RTE series to highlight role of customs in war on drugs

RTE are to shine a spotlight on the role of Ireland's customs officers and their importance in the fight against drugs.

Customs officials are coming more to the fore as the high-profile crackdown on drugs importation continues. Now for the first time, a TV series, entitled 'Customs', will document the working lives of customs officials and how they deal with sometimes bizarre, situations.

The makers of the six-part series have gained unprecedented access to the daily operations of Ireland's customs officers and viewers will see how the authorities are dealing with the increasing level of the importation of illegal materials and substances.

The men and women featured in the series work around the clock in a job where no two days are the same.

Always trying to stay one step ahead of criminals trying to import drugs, customs officers must use their imaginations and be fully alert when doing their duties.

"They find shipments of drugs in the strangest places: a doll's house; picture frames; the bottom of a massive cargo ship," a spokesperson for the show said.

"Large quantities of money, cigarettes and cars are regularly seized, as well as a myriad of other illegal goods and substances."

This is the first time a series has been based on customs officials."

The first installment will see a suspicious passenger making a bolt for the exit, a live snake is discovered in luggage at Dublin Port, an undercover operation halting a cigarette smuggling scam at Dublin Airport and in Cork the customs anti-evasion unit chase down UK registered cars.

'Customs' begins on RTE One at 7.30pm, Sunday, September 14.

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