Sunday 17 December 2017

Natalie's 'Transformation' joy as she hits target weight

YOUNG Dublin mum Natalie Cox was celebrating last night after hitting her Operation Transformation target weight.

For the first time since the popular show began on RTE, all five leaders have reached their desired weight a week ahead of the finale.

Last week, mum-of-one Natalie was the furthest away from achieving her target after coming across several stumbling blocks.

The two male leaders, Dublin man Killian Byrne and dad-of-four Adrian Brereton had already reached their overall target for the series by week five, while Co Cork postmistress Grace Batterberrry and teenager Kayleigh Yeoman were only 1lb and 1.5lbs away from their goals.

In comparison, Natalie needed to lose 5lbs and show experts did not expect her to do so until the finale.

However, the young woman persevered and came out on top this week, when her efforts finally paid off.

The 24-year-old surprised everyone, including herself, when the scales showed she had lost 5.5lbs.

She now weighs 14st9lbs, after losing 1st10.5lbs over seven weeks.

Natalie encouraged her followers to follow her example and keep on trying, even if they faced setbacks.

"To everybody that is following and might not have reached their target this week, I've had a lot of rough weeks myself and I've always kept going.

"So just keep going, and keep working at it and don't give up," she said.

Early in the series, the Dolphin's Barn native had trouble with snacking as she failed to realise that healthy seeds and nuts were also highly calorific.

This prevented her from losing weight, despite sticking to her fitness routine, and sometimes even over-exercising.


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