Thursday 23 November 2017

My Take Me Out rivals were so vicious to our suitors, reveals model

SHOCK: Fussy girls were rude to guys on dating show, says beauty queen

A teen beauty queen appearing on the new series of Take Me Out says her fellow contestants were "vicious" to their male suitors.

Model Taylor-Rae Hamilton (19), who was also on RTE 2's ICA Bootcamp, is one of the ladies looking for love on the TV3 dating series.

But while the brunette beauty, who has been single since last August, insists she tried to be nice to the nervous males looking for dates, some of the other girls weren't so nice.

"I didn't want to come across as rude to anyone so I was being careful about what I said to them. I did tell one guy he looked like Edward Scissorhands and I felt awful guilty afterwards so that was the only thing I said.

"Some of the girls were quite vicious and made some really personal comments about the guys' appearances but I didn't want to go into things like that. I didn't think it was fair.

"There are lots of big characters on the show and the girls were quite fussy to a certain extent, they weren't really leaving their lights on. Not everyone's going to be your cup of tea but it's hard to get to know someone in a few minutes and you do stereotype people.

"After the show, when you get talking to the guys, they were actually all lovely and it's just a shame you don't really get to talk to them properly on-screen."

That doesn't mean she left the show empty handed though. Taylor-Rae, who also appeared on RTE2's ICA Bootcamp and was Miss Teen Co Down, managed to get a date after four appearances on the show.

The first time around, she had her light turned off at the final hurdle by the guy which she said was "really embarrassing" but the contestant she eventually nabbed chose her from one of 12 contestants to go to Shifters with.

"He was lovely actually. He was tall and well dressed and loads of the girls liked him so he chose me to go on the date with and we had a really nice time," she added.

Billed as the most outrageous show yet, the third series of the dating show fronted by Ray Foley is made up of an eclectic mix of hopeful singletons. Starting this Friday, the 30 girls trying to find love include a showjumper, a comedian, a trained boxer, a GAA player and an aspiring WAG.


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