Tuesday 25 September 2018

'My friends and family don't mind me slagging them', says comedian Al Porter


Al Porter
Al Porter
Al Porter

He frequently uses his friends and family for inspiration in his comedy routine, but Al Porter says they don't mind being made fun of.

The Tallaght funnyman has had a busy few weeks as he was the youngest ever comedian to sell out three nights at Vicar Street and also made his Late Late Show debut last Friday.

"I think my dad loves the fame of it and my pals, Olivia and Sarah - who I say are like energy saver bulbs, they're dim but I wouldn't change them - don't realise they're being slagged," he told the Herald.

"They're just like, 'I got mentioned, that's gas'. They're proper girlos, I love them.

"Maybe once or twice you'd get the odd person who hears what the joke is about but doesn't hear the joke, so you have to explain it sometimes."

Porter (22), who will head to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, is co-writing the Applegreen Christmas panto, Freezin', with fellow comic Karl Spain.

"This will be my 10th panto," he said. "I've been doing them since I was 12 and we've done loads of Aladdins and Cinderellas so this year we decided to do something a bit different.

"So we thought that because Frozen was such a big movie we'd do that, so this year we've got Freezin'.

"I do Lolly Polly every year, she's a bit of a mad aunty - picture American comedian Melissa McCarthy if she was in Frozen.

"But we're going to have everything you would expect from Frozen.

"We'll have Elsa, Olaf, the big Let It Go song will be in there with snow, penguins and everything that the panto usually has.

"I'm writing the show with Karl which is great, so expect lots of cheesy gags. It will be full of modern pop songs and loads of craic."

The pair will share an apartment in Edinburgh and will spend their spare time putting the finishing touches to the show.

"I'm off to the Fringe for my first full run. I'm on every single night of the week, which is great," Porter said.

"Karl's coming over with his show so we're going to live together and write Freezin' during the day and do gigs at night.

"When I get back I'm doing a mini tour and that will take in a big venue in Cork, Belfast and Kilkenny.

"I'll be doing all the festivals during the summer too and now I'm going over to England to support Katherine Ryan for two weeks."

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