Wednesday 24 April 2019

Mooney says gay backlash made him a drama queen

RTE broadcaster Derek Mooney called himself a "drama queen" when he lashed out at listeners who criticised his radio show for focusing on gay issues.

The radio host reacted live on air after he received a raft of messages complaining about a heavy focus on homosexual topics.

Mooney (45) began his outburst by explaining there had been an "incredible reaction" to the interview with Darren Kennedy who was making a documentary for RTE entitled Gay Daddy.

"Understandably the reaction was mixed. People had some very strong views on the subject, one way or the other," Derek said.

The presenter then read out a number of critical messages.

"Hi Derek. Why don't you just have a programme for gays? Then all of us heterosexual people can just do what I am doing now and turn over to a channel which will have the type of programme that we like," said one listener identified as Bob.

"I am sick of listening about gay weddings and now gays having babies. From today, I will no longer be listening to your gay programme."


Another listener said: "While I do appreciate that gay issues need to be aired, I'm not sure that 3 to 4pm magazine show is the correct forum.

"Maybe I'm imagining but it seems to form a large herring every week, sometimes completely through well known gay guests. I love your show but maybe gay rights deserve a dedicated show."

Derek retaliated against all the "negative comments".

"Do you know why it frustrates me? It doesn't matter what kind of the day you discuss this thing, some people are never going to be happy," he said.

"You're obviously paying not attention to the overwhelmingly, in inverted commas, heterosexual items we do on this programme.

"And you mention one thing about a gay guy and people get upset. By the way, I am not getting upset about that, I am just being dramatic. A drama queen, let's say."

Derek then went on to ask about the number of negative comments.

"Not one positive one. If positive ones come in, I'll be happy to read them out."


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