Friday 24 May 2019

Miriam's chat show secures a comeback

She may have lost out on the highly sought-after Late Late job this week to Ryan Tubridy, but it seems mum-of-eight Miriam O'Callaghan still has something to celebrate.

Despite widespread cutbacks throughout the cash-strapped station, Miriam will definitely be returning to the RTE small screen this summer with a fourth series of her light-hearted chat show.

The popular current affairs presenter has been re-signed for a series of six editions of Saturday Night with Miriam, which will be screened throughout June and July.

Last year's series proved particularly popular with viewers, with an average audience share of 40pc.

Miriam said it was nice to turn her hand to something lighter in nature. She said: "I really enjoyed myself and I can probably be more myself on that kind of show because the nature of Prime Time, which is my main show, is invariably very serious."


Glamorous blonde Miriam will host the Saturday night programme in place of Tubridy Tonight, which is due to finish at the end of the current season.

RTE representatives are still unable to confirm what will take its place from next autumn.

A Montrose spokesperson said: "We will definitely be replacing it with a home produced programme, but in terms of what that might be I genuinely can't say because it hasn't been decided yet.

"Miriam will be on air for six weeks during the summer. After that, I don't know in terms of the new programme who will be presenting it or what format it will take.

"It's all up in the air for the moment," they added.

Since news broke that Tubridy had landed the coveted Friday night hot-seat, Miriam has graciously offered her congratulations to the young star. The yummy mummy admitted she was disappointed by the news but spoke of her relief not to have to leave her current affairs show behind.

"It's not the Late Late show but Prime Time is who I am," she said.

The TV host went on to explain how she would have had to give up the Tuesday and Thursday night show if she had landed the Late Late gig.


In comparison, her competition -- Tubridy and Gerry Ryan -- would have been able to continue presenting their radio programmes.

Tubridy meanwhile has yet to finalise a deal with RTE as to what his new role means for his already generous salary.


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