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Menu calories count will beat obesity - Dr Eva

OPERATION Transformation doctor Eva Orsmond believes that the introduction of calorie counts on menus will help end Ireland's obesity problem.

Dr Eva, who runs her own clinic which specialises in weight loss, insists that the Irish population will benefit from knowing what they put in their stomachs and this will result in a healthier and fitter nation.

Ireland has the second highest obesity level in Europe and it is hoped that the introduction of calorie counts will lead to an improvement in the nutritional habits of Irish people.


"Well from my perspective, I obviously think it is brilliant, education is the best way to solve the obesity epidemic that this country is facing," she said.

"People are not aware of the excess calories we are consuming, so every step is important.

"It is usually the case that food got outside the home will result in double the calories than home-cooked food, people just go out for fast food and are not careful to note what they are eating. Even if it is a small bit of excess, this can build up all over time and it is unhealthy if we are constantly doing it."

Dr Eva also has a word of warning for coffee addicts and busy workers who like to freshen up with a morning boost.

"People will constantly sip on cappuccinos, espressos and eat muffins and they are unaware that these foods and even liquids contain so many extra calories."

She continued: "There is room in a healthy diet for some fatty foods and sugary foods but the problem is that we do not have a healthy diet in the country at this minute and that needs to change through education in the school and so forth.

"We should also be made aware of how many alcoholic units we consume and this is pretty similar in that not many people know how many calories or units they actually consume when they drink Guinness and other alcoholic drinks."


However, she insisted that the needs of restaurants and small businesses should be considered if and when legislation is introduced to make calorie counts mandatory.

"There needs to be a balance and we have to make sure that the legislation doesn't ruin these small businesses. We can't let this have an impact on small business as we need to support these. A little bit of goodwill can go a long way to ensuring that this is the case," she added.