Monday 24 September 2018

MasterChef star Nick Munier: I'd love to have more TV on my menu

He's a familiar face on TV screens after appearing in MasterChef Ireland and celebrity restaurateur Nick Munier has admitted he'd love to get back into broadcasting.

The famous maitre d', who appeared alongside celebrity chef Dylan McGrath in the RTE series, said he would jump at the chance to make a return to television.

"If the opportunities arise of course I'd love to," he told the Herald.

"I love the process of TV because it's almost like working in a restaurant anyway - you're performing."

The former Hell's Kitchen star revealed he has even pitched his own comedy that he wrote with close friend Simon Delaney to TV3, which he hopes will become a screen success.


However, while Nick has his fingers crossed for the show, making his new Temple Bar restaurant Avenue a success is his top priority.

"Myself and Simon have written a TV concept that we've approached TV3 with but obviously it's all down to budgetary requirements whether it can be made into a TV show or not.

"That being said, the restaurant is my main concern," he explained.

Nick, who previously ran popular city centre haunt Pichet, opened the eaterie back in March and last week partnered with the France Ireland Chamber of Commerce to celebrate Bastille Day.

"It's going very well. We're very pleased with it and the feedback has been amazing," he said.

"I think there is a lot of competition and you have to think outside of the box constantly.

"People are quite fickle, they tend to jump from one thing to the next so it's all about what you can offer them so we're just trying to create a nice environment for them."

In an effort to beat the stiff competition in Dublin's restaurant market, the half-French star is keen to take his business online.

"We're looking at doing YouTube broadcasts - open our own channel and showcase our dishes," Nick explained.

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