Monday 24 September 2018

Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas welcome baby boy Tom Laurence with cute picture

Maia Dunphy shares photo announcing birth of baby
Maia Dunphy and comedian husband Johnny Vegas
Pictured at The VIP Style Awards at The Marker Hotel last night was Maia Dunphy

RTE presenter, Maia Dunphy and her funnyman husband, Johnny Vegas, have welcomed their first child - a baby boy called Tom Laurence.

The couple announced they were expecting via Twitter and announced his birth in the same way.

Maia shared a snap of the couple's converse shoes next to a baby-sized pair, saying: "Our new man has his dad's habits already. Tom Laurence arrived last Friday, at a civilised hour after lunch. 7lbs2."

The couple have been married since 2011 when they wed in an intimate Spanish ceremony at a country estate near Seville.

The What Women Want presenter moved to London late last year to live with Johnny and admitted she was worried about what people would think of her having her baby later in life.

"The trouble is when you get to your late 30s as a woman, or you hit 40, and it's the head tilt then - no one likes the head tilt," said Maia, pictured below with Vegas.

"I went for one appointment in London and she said 'look, you're a spring chicken - there was a woman who came into me having her first baby at 48. The world has changed'."

She also revealed it was a "shock" to find out she was pregnant. "It was awful, it kind of felt like the end of something rather than the start of something," she admitted.

"[But] the second I could start talking to people about it, it reminded me how joyful it actually is.

"The thing is, I've worked really hard in a tough business and I've built up a career that is going very well, and the thought of taking time out of that made me feel a bit sick," she explained.

The 38-year-old also hit the headlines during her pregnancy for admitting she still enjoyed the odd glass of wine.


"It's not just the baby who invades you, it's everybody else," she said. "Everyone has got opinions and the scaremongering is crazy.

"I'm not 'drinking' drinking, but I'm probably having one or two drinks a week, like a glass of wine with Sunday lunch or a beer. But people look at you and go 'Oh, you're having a drink? I thought you were pregnant?'.

"Then the judgemental stares begin. I'm not taking heroin, I'm having one drink. So I tend to ignore them now," she added.

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