Tuesday 21 November 2017

Made in Chelsea star Nicola Hughes: 'Alex is afraid to step out of line with me'


Nicola and Alex
Nicola and Alex
Made in Chelsea star Nicola Hughes pictured at the launch the Spin 1038 Celebrity Sell Off in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation at Grand Canal Square

Nicola Hughes says her boyfriend Alex Mytton has stayed faithful to her because she's a "fiery Irish girl".

The Sandyford native has been dating the former bad boy for a year and they appear on popular reality show Made in Chelsea together.

Alex had a bad reputation after he cheated on his ex-girlfriend Binky Felstead on a number of occasions before they split.

"He says he's never met a girl that doesn't take his s**t. Maybe girls in the past let him do whatever he wants, but he says I'm a fiery Irish girl who's able to keep him on his toes," Nicola told the Diary.

"So that seems to be working for me. He says I'm very honest and straight to the point and he likes that. I don't keep him on that short of a leash, he does whatever he wants."

Despite his past, Nicola said she completely trusts her other half.

"He does have a bad track record, but everyone has a past, everyone has done bad things in their life," she said.

"You can't really judge him on that or hold it against him forever."

The couple recently celebrated their first anniversary and marked the milestone with a trip to Disneyland, which Nicola said was "very special".


She was recently snapped with a ring on her wedding finger, but insisted marriage wasn't in their plans right now.

"I'm only 25, I can't even take care of myself. I'm a baby - my dad would think I'm joking," she said.

"I've only been with him a year, so we need to experience a lot more together to know if we'd ever get married."

Nicola - who is now a regular on the ITV reality show - said her Dublin secondary school was a good training ground for the bitchy girls of the wealthy suburb of Chelsea.

"Alexandra College definitely gave me a tough shell. All girls schools are quite bitchy and Alexandra is up there," she said.

Nicola and Alex are filming the new series of Made in Chelsea, and Nicola admits she's conscious of her appearance on screen.

"You definitely need a tough shell to be on TV because a lot of people are judging you constantly and you need to able for it," she said.

Nicola was speaking at the launch of the Spin 1308 Celebrity Sell Off in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation.

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