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Lucy Kennedy: I'm over Blind Date - my new show is 'much more me'


Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy may not be the new Cilla Black after TV3 abandoned their plans to bring back iconic matchmaking show Blind Date, but she revealed the next show she'll be presenting instead is "more her".

It was revealed earlier this week that plans to reinvent the dating show had been scrapped by the station, but Lucy is more than happy with its replacement.

While she kept tight-lipped on the details of the new show, Lucy told the Diary she's more excited about it than she was about presenting Blind Date.

"Blind Date isn't happening now - I had a chat with Lynda [McQuaid, TV3's director of content] and she thinks the format of the show is outdated and I think she's right," she said.

"Dating has changed completely now, it's totally different from when I was doing it. People are all online and you can look anyone up on Facebook and see what they're like now, so dating isn't really blind anymore.

"We've been talking about another show and I have to say I'm very happy about it - it's definitely more me," she revealed.

After being with RTE for eight years, Lucy moved to the rival channel to present new evening chat show The Seven O'Clock Show, a role she has settled into quickly.


The Dubliner (39) admitted that although she was worried the new gig might be difficult to juggle with raising her two kids Jack and Holly, she's delighted with her new job.

"It's been really good so far," she said. "I'm lucky because I get to be a mum all day, then head off to work in the evening time and still be home in time to kiss them goodnight.

"Initially when I found out I said to myself, 'Oh God, how is this going to work?' But it has actually worked out better than I thought it would."

Lucy, who recently teamed up with Flora Light to create a range of sandwich recipes, said she's enjoying getting to work with popular weatherman Martin King on the show.

"Martin is great - just as you would expect, he's very down to earth and he's great fun.

"We have a lot of trust in one another and I think that's why it works so well on the show.

"Being on in the evening time is great because we have a bit more freedom - we can be a bit cheekier," she added.

Lucy recently told how she cried when her presenting gigs with RTE started to dry up.