Monday 20 November 2017

Love/Hate now a big hit abroad - but no pay day for stars

Peter Coonan and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor in Love/Hate
Peter Coonan and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor in Love/Hate

Love/Hate is getting a Hawaii remake and has been dubbed into French and German - but the show's stars won't benefit from its success abroad.

The gangland drama had five hugely successful seasons before it ended in true gangland style earlier this year, with kingpin Nidge murdered.

However, stars like Tom Vaughan Lawlor (inset, as Nidge), Peter Coonan and Mary Murray won't be getting a pay day as the show wows new audiences abroad.

"In Ireland, they have a contract where they pay you a certain amount of money that covers everything from the beginning," Mary told the Herald.

"You get a fee for working and then they pay you percentages on top of that for all different territories, so you get it all straight away.

"So, if the show did badly, we would have done well out of it - but if the show does really well we suffer, because we could have earned more.

"But you can't complain, because you know the deal when you sign the contract.

"I get those residual cheques for other shows I've done and it's a nice surprise when you get them through the letterbox," she continued.

"If we did have that situation with Love/Hate the cheques would be bigger, because there's so many people watching it.

"But I can't complain at this stage, whatever success they get out of it, they put the work in and they didn't try to trick anybody," she added.

While many of her co-stars say they miss the show this year, Mary - who played Janet - said her sights are always set on the next job around the corner.


"I go with the flow - for me it's always about looking to the next job, which brings its own interest and its own drama," she said.

"We were all so lucky we had the chance to be in a hit show like that, but you have to keep moving forward and showing people the variety of things you can do."

Last Christmas Mary showed off her singing and dancing skills in a panto but said she won't be returning to it this year.

"It was good fun, and the people were amazing, but I'm never doing panto again," she said.

"It just feels like you live in a panto, they go on for months with two shows a day - it's never-ending.

"But they're the hardest working people I've ever come across and they love what they do, but doing a panto once was enough for me," she added. Mary will next appear on stage in a new production of Brian Friel's Dancing at Lughnasa.

"I play Rose, the second youngest of five sisters, and she has a developmental disability," she said.

"She tends to say things that are kind of out-of-line but she's unaware of it so she's a funny character to play."

The play will run at the Gaiety Theatre from October 6 to 11 as part of the Dublin Theatre Festival.

Tickets from €15 are on sale now.

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