Friday 15 December 2017

Louise McSharry: 'Chemo treatment has affected my fertility'

Reality Bites: F**k Cancer on RTE Two
Reality Bites: F**k Cancer on RTE Two

RTE broadcaster Louise McSharry has spoken of the effect chemotherapy has had on her fertility.

McSharry was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year. She charts her battle with the illness and undergoing chemo in a new RTE documentary, F**k Cancer.

McSharry becomes emotional on camra when she visits a clinic and realises her fertility has been compromised.

“A lot of people would freeze their eggs [before chemo], but there wasn’t time for that. I needed to start treatment straight away.

“Nurses gave me an injection, and the theory was it would help my ovaries take cover for the duration of chemo, but unfortunately it wasn’t effective for me so the chemo did get rid of most of my eggs.”

McSharry is hopeful she may still be able to conceive, but would also consider IVF and adoption. “I’ve always wanted to have children ... If I’m lucky enough to have one kid I’ll be delighted.”

McSharry and her partner Gordon Sperrin tied the knot in Cork this summer.

Planning a wedding while living with cancer was a struggle and the 2FM broadcaster admits searching for her dream wedding dress was a challenge.

“That was a really hard day,” she told TV Now. “I felt overwhelmed by everything.

“I had chemo the night before which meant I was on a bad week … I felt so guilty because the women in the shop were so nice, but I just wanted to run out the door.”

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