Tuesday 23 January 2018

Louis storms back after critics rubbish MaBy's old number

TENSE: Show's Svengali insists Manilow hit will work magic

LOUIS Walsh has been forced to defend his choice of song for MaBy tonight.

Despite being urged to give her a more contemporary song to sing, he has opted to give her the Barry Manilow classic Could It Be Magic.

"What can you do when you're given a theme like Halloween? What song do you pick? I'm very restricted with the theme every week and they only tell us things at the last minute," he said.

"I'm quietly confident in her and I know if Dublin and Ireland get behind her, I think she can make the final."

The music mogul reckons the Ballyfermot mum, who has plumped for song classics throughout the competition, will still blow everyone's socks off with another big performance this evening.

The song was also a massive hit for Take That in the early Nineties.

And he explained how producers have pulled out all the stops to create a monster show for audiences this weekend.

As well as performances by Jon Bon Jovi, Rihanna and Jamiroquai, choreographer Brian Friedman has planned some stunning dance routines for contestants.

Among the spookily themed songs in store for viewers are Bat Out Of Hell, Relight My Fire and Creep.

Louis revealed that Mary is continuing to live in the X Factor house this weekend -- despite the soaring decibel levels.

"As people get voted off this show, it gets tougher. The problem is, in that house she's the only elder person there and they're making a lot of noise," he continued.


"She's definitely the mammy of the house. She doesn't boss them because some of them are out of control and they're noisy and she needs her sleep."

However, he has conceded that if she insists on moving out, then he's more than happy to put her up in a hotel in London instead.

Although the contestants' house might be a little noisy, Mary has become a surrogate mammy for the younger contestants.

"They are all dotes and they know that they can come to me at any time," she said.

This week, Mary has been worrying about her fellow Dubliner Rebecca Creighton.

The 19-year-old Tallaght girl, a member of Belle Amie, has been struck down with a throat infection.

"Poor Rebecca was really suffering this week will illness but please God she will be okay. Of course I look out for them and I'd like to think that they all look out for me."

It is understood Rebecca's throat has improved and she is expected to take the stage tonight.

Meanwhile Louis has vowed to help Mary continue with her glamorous transformation as she battles to win.


"I'm going to work harder on her image, work on the hair, work with her stylist -- we have really good people around us and she's going to do great."

However, he hasn't asked her to lose any weight as, for him, all her talent lies in her voice and has nothing to do with her looks.


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