Saturday 16 December 2017

Louie comes clean in Fair City wedding day

FAIR City's Carol seems to have no luck when it comes to marriage.

Her relationship with gangster Billy Meehan ended in tears. And when she was about to get wed to Christy Phelan, she fell for Louie and jilted the poor businessman.

And now, Louie is about to break her heart when he decides to come clean about his affair with ex-wife Ingrid -- but waits until the very moment he's about to exchange his vows.

"Ingrid is still in love with Louie and she tried her best to break up his relationship with Carol," said Vivienne Connolly who plays Ingrid.

"But Louie genuinely loves Carol and he doesn't want to lose her."

"Carol is devastated when Louie finally reveals that he slept with Ingrid," said Aisling O'Neill, who stars as Carol.

"Will she forgive Louie? Especially after he humiliated her in front of the community? I hope she doesn't."


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