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Liz's star rises with BBC Egypt adventure

FORMER RTE presenter Liz Bonnin's career with the BBC is going from strength to strength.

The Trinity College graduate is now fronting a new programme called Egypt's Lost Cities -- her second with the station.

The Dubliner jetted to the troubled country with an archaeological team -- despite the violent revolution.

The new BBC documentary mini-series will show how satellite and infra-red technology have enabled American Egyptologist Sarah Parcak to see what lies beneath the desert sand. The cameras reveal the ghostly outlines of what she believes are ancient pyramids, temples and lost cities.

Liz's work in Egypt is just the latest on her impressive CV -- she is currently fronting the popular science programme, Bang Goes The Theory.


And she has already travelled the world with her previous work on Animal Einstein, which took her to Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Australia and Germany.

In December she jetted to Hawaii with Jonathan Ross and Dara O Briain for Stargazing Live, where they learned about astronomy. French-born Liz, who has a masters degree in wild animal biology, carved out a successful pop career for herself with girl band Chill in the 1990s, but her first passion has always been science.

She said: "I consider myself the luckiest person alive. Presenting is not something I ever wanted to do but I love it, especially as I can combine it with my absolute passion. Working for the BBC is my dream job and having this platform is only going to help with the conservation work I want to do."