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Karen Koster: How pilates and reflexology did my feet wonders during pregnancy


Lisa Cannon and Karen Koster

Lisa Cannon and Karen Koster

Lisa Cannon and Karen Koster

I found reflexology great throughout my pregnancy and I loved it because I really zoned out during the sessions.

It really helped my poor feet so I'm hoping to get a few more sessions in before the baby arrives.

I've been trying to get out for some walks as well but it gets harder because you get uncomfortable in the last few weeks and you just feel like you're carrying around a bowling ball.

I just sort of feel like I should be going around with a sling on my stomach because I feel huge but I think looking after my feet has been really important especially as they're probably carrying an extra two stone now at this stage.

It can be hard to get used to it - in the morning you start off looking fairly normal but by the evenings, I feel like an elephant.

I also did some pregnancy pilates before my third trimester and that was great. It was nothing too vigorous but I did find it kept me fit.

But in terms of clothes, I wanted to be in everything elasticated and I love maternity wear.


I was wearing maternity clothes when I hadn't even told people in work that I was pregnant because I was just so excited.

I wasn't one of these girls who tried to get as long as I could out of my normal jeans and then go up a size.

I was delighted and wanted to get into maternity gear and do a big shop in Mothercare.

It's just extra comfy and maternity clothes are so stylish these days. One of the best compliments I got was when Lisa Cannon (inset) said "I didn't realise your top was maternity wear".

People are often surprised at the brilliant clothes you can get now.