Tuesday 12 December 2017

Juggling work and kids tough for TV3 star Laura Woods

Laura Woods
Laura Woods

Tv3's Laura Woods said it's tricky juggling family life and work now that she's working full-time on Saturday and Sunday AM.

Her son Ben has just started school and Laura (inset) says any new schedule is always "hard" to get used to.

"Any change in routine when you've little ones is difficult and certainly it's very full-on in terms of filming," she told the Herald.

"I was part-time on Ireland AM before and I had the best of both worlds but then this opportunity came along and it's perfect.

"With Ben starting school, it's great because I know the days, times and hours I'm working.

"So even though it's more work, it's definitely better for my family to have a stronger sense of routine," she added.

The 38-year-old says "no two days are the same" as last week they had a barbecue on set and got to experience Downton Abbey life for a day.

"Anna and I spent a day at the Victorian Escapades in Mullingar last week and we had so much fun pretending to be the maids and the ladies for the day," she said.

"In my role I get to travel a bit which is great as I really enjoy being out of the studio."

Saturday AM and Sunday AM air from 9am to 12pm every weekend.

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