Thursday 18 January 2018

Jeremy Paxman prefers TV dating show to Newsnight


Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman

Broadcaster Jeremy Paxman has admitted that he no longer watches Newsnight - but he is a fan of dating show Take Me Out and he has made time for The Only Way Is Essex.

The presenter spent 25 years fronting the political programme and hosted his final show last summer.

But he told Radio Times magazine that instead of watching the BBC show - which is now presented by Evan Davis - he preferred to get an early night.

"I don't have any second thoughts about my decision [to leave]," he said.

"I don't see Newsnight. My idea of fun is to go to bed at 10.30pm and read a book."

Paxman opened up about his own viewing habits when he was asked about reality TV star Joey Essex's ITV show, in which he interviews political leaders ahead of the General Election.

"Of course I know who Joey Essex is," Paxman said. "I have [watched The Only Way Is Essex]. I didn't like it as much as I like Take Me Out, which I think is a fantastic show."


Asked whether he was serious about enjoying ITV's dating show - hosted by Paddy McGuinness, Paxman replied: "I do!" and added that he had also seen Made in Chelsea.

"I don't like the people in it... it's probably a reflection on me, not them," he said of the show.

Meanwhile, he refused to hit back after Andrew Marr called Paxman's technique "disdainful" and "contemptuous".

Marr called the rival broadcaster "a genuinely tortured, angry individual" after Paxman interviewed David Cameron and Ed Miliband in March.

"Yeah, I did read them," Paxman said. "You are not the first person to try to get me to be rude about him [Marr], and I'm not going to, I'm afraid."

Paxman said of the British General Election: "I think it really matters... I've no sympathy whatsoever with people who say, 'I don't vote'."

Of comedian Russell Brand, who has encouraged people not to vote, he added: "I'm just astonished anyone would take that position seriously. It's the position of an idiot."

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