Monday 20 May 2019

'I've no idea how I spoofed three stars' - rugby ace Andrew Trimble gives cooking a try on The Restaurant

Andrew Trimble
Andrew Trimble

RUGBY star Andrew Trimble has said he didn't know how he "managed to spoof" his way into getting three stars in TV3's The Restaurant - after receiving some of the harshest reviews from the show's judges.

Last night's episode of the hit series saw Andrew's starter dish of octopus, called "tough" and "rubbery", while his ravioli dish was described by one diner as "pretty horrific" and "manky".

Andrew Trimble said that he joined the programme "to spruce things up", but did not expect such scathing remarks from the show's judges.

"I think if I was in their position and I didn't like something, I would have had a better way of saying it," he told the Herald.

"I mean after I had put the effort in, I didn't expect to get ripped apart, but they were loving me for the dessert so I suppose I have got to take some criticism as well."

Joining resident critics Tom Doorley and Paolo Tullio in last night's episode was English restaurateur and celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson.

Doorley in particular expressed concern over Andrew's main dish - roast chicken in a creamy paprika sauce, served with rice and warm green peppers, calling it "slimy and bitter".

Fortunately for Andrew, his desserts were enough to save the day - with his humble rhubarb crumble and his sweet take on an Ulster fry going down very well, and he scored a respectable three stars.

"I think the Ulster Fry saved me," Andrew said. "There was a fair bit of harsh criticism out there as well but I'm happy to take three."


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