Saturday 20 January 2018

It's so difficult not to have affairs - Felicity Kendal

Felicity Kendal
Felicity Kendal

As the eternally wholesome Barbara Good on the Good Life, the actress Felicity Kendal was faithful and utterly devoted to her husband.

But in her real life, the 68-year-old has admitted she suspects most people are "designed" to have affairs outside of marriage.

Kendal, who has previously owned up to a string of affairs in her younger days, said she could never understand why people were intrigued by infidelity, when it was "so common".

"Do you think we're supposed to be (monogamous)? I'm not so sure that we are. Otherwise it wouldn't be so difficult, would it?," she said in a recent interview.

"Take the people I know just in my little community in Chelsea: the marriages, the families, the goings-on - all of them are more outrageous and atrocious.

"I do think a lot of affairs are not just about straightforward sexual desire, but about insecurity and this need to prove who you are - to yourself. I'm an awful lot more secure than I was in my 20s and 30s.

"I certainly wouldn't want to go back to those days."

Kendal is twice divorced, but has rekindled the romance with her second husband, the director Michael Rudman.

She also admitted she undergoes light pulse treatment to stimulate her skin, but claimed her Botox days were over.

"I won't do the rest of it," she said. "Not for any great moral reasons, but because you reach a point where the face has to match the rest of you otherwise it looks ridiculous."


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