Wednesday 22 November 2017


Top Irish comedian Sharon Horgan (41) has claimed that she makes mistakes every day when it comes to her children.

The Have I Got News For You presenter, whose brother is international rugby hero Shane Horgan, said it was all a learning curve for her when it came to her two daughters Sadhbh (7) and Amer (3).

But she revealed how making the Channel 4 documentary How To Be A Good Mother has helped her accept her perceived failings as a parent. "The truth is I get it wrong every single day. I'm not a stay-at-home mum, I miss school plays, I get grumpy with my kids when I find another wrinkle, I bring moods home, I forget homework, I even forget school sometimes. I have stand-up, emotionally charged arguments with a seven-year-old, for goodness' sake," she said.

"It's hard to be a mother. The truth is you can have it all, but only if you're prepared to stop giving yourselves a hard time. Cupcakes can be bought, you know. TVs can be turned on and work deadlines skipped sometimes."

The brutally honest personality, who's originally from Co Meath and now lives in London, went on to say how she "never planned to get pregnant" with her husband Jeremy Rainbird. And she said as soon as she started showing, people began telling her how to be a good mum.

"From the second the baby arrives, we've got midwives telling us we're angling our nipples in the wrong direction, or other mothers telling us that we've moved on to formula milk too quickly. And then it's pretty much endless until your child is at an age when they can just tell you that you're screwing up their life. So I sort of ignored the advice and just decided to be a mother in my own way."

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