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I'm on a strict diet after piling on the pounds, admits Dr Eva

OPERATION Transformation star Dr Eva Orsmond has become a household name for dishing out no-nonsense advice about diet on the hit RTE show.

But the Finnish doctor is undergoing her own Operation Transformation after admitting that she piled on a few pounds in recent weeks.

"I did put weight on, to be honest, so I'm on a strict regime at the moment," Eva told the Herald.

"I am exercising and I am following my strict plan so we will see a slimmer Dr Eva in a couple of weeks," she said laughing.

"You do put on a few pounds over Christmas, but it's about taking it off before it gets any worse," added the doctor who runs diet clinics around the country.

While she has a fondness for healthy cooking and generally eats healthily -- Eva has her weaknesses.

"I do have a sweet tooth myself so I'm very tempted if somebody brings me something. Desserts and chocolate are my addictions.

"You just have to try to balance it out," added Eva, who says that her healthy regime begins at home with her husband and two teenage sons.

"We do have healthy meals as well, but I do see these sweet wrappings around," admitted Eva, who has cooked up a new range of quick, healthy dishes for Operation Transformation's new series.

And not even her dog can escape her eagle eye.


The TV diet expert revealed she is watching the waistline of her four-year-old rottweiler Lincoln, who also put on a few pounds over Christmas.

"I was away, and my pet minder likes to spoil him with a few treats so he put a few pounds on over Christmas.

"I'm back now, and he'll soon be his usual trim self," she told the Herald's vet columnist Pete Wedderburn, who was treating Lincoln for a sore ear.

Dr Eva will be back on our screens tonight as she guides the five chosen leaders through the diet do's and don'ts on the sixth series of the weight-loss show.

The five leaders got off to a winning start last week after losing 3.5 stone between them and viewers will watch that trend continue tonight.

The two leaders first up on the scales this week were delighted to find that they have beaten their weight loss target for the second week running.

Dublin native Gavin is down 7.5lbs to 17 stone, while Monica Percy was delighted to discover she had shed 3.5lbs, beating her target of 2lbs.

And Gavin's weight loss has attracted one expert's eye in particular.

"You look at Gavin there and you never realise that he is actually a flirt and is great craic," said Dr Eva following the weigh-in.

"I am taken, but I am determined to find a lady friend for Gavin and we are going to work on that for the coming weeks," promised Eva.