Wednesday 24 January 2018

I'm not afraid to hound Chris over Moone Boy film plans, says Clare

Actress Clare Monnelly who stars in Moone Boy
Sean hands Martin some advice

MOONE Boy actress Clare Monnelly is excited about the notion of a feature length movie of the show and won't be afraid to "hound" Chris O'Dowd to get things moving on the idea.

Dubliner Clare said that she knows broadcasters Sky are supportive of the idea of a film, as are the cast.

"There wasn't a day on set that felt like work it was all just craic," she told the Herald. "It's just a matter of when and where I suppose.

"The kids [in the show] are getting that bit older now so I think there is scope for a movie now with things like their awkward first kiss.

"Hopefully Chris and Nick can fit it into their busy schedules sometime in the future. I'll have to start hounding them now to get the ball rolling."

Clare (28) had prepared herself for a hard-slog to break into the world of acting. Although she landed on her feet, nabbing the role of Fidelma in the show just months out of drama school, the Balinteer native knows that she will need to work hard to stay at the top of her game.


"If you're coming out of drama school and you don't know the slog ahead of you then you are going to get some land," she said. "I never saw myself as a funny person but I keep getting cast in comedies which I'm delighted with."

Her role in the Roscommon-based sitcom was not what she imagined for her first on-screen job.

"I was always the one in drama school who could cry on queue so I thought I'd be playing the whingey little teenager for a while," she admitted.

This week the Dubliner will return to the stage at Smock Alley Theatre in Temple Bar to take part in this year's Barnardos Under the Bed event.

A host of well-known faces will perform pieces centred on childhood to raise money for the charity over three days.

"Mine is about that moment when children realise that their parents are human and not superheroes," she added.

Home and Away's Sam Atwell who plays Kane in the Australian soap and DJ Ruth Scott will also be taking to the stage for the three-day theatre run.


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