Sunday 23 September 2018

I'm far too sensitive to be a real-life cop, says Red Rock star Jane McGrath


Red Rock Actress Jane McGrath
Red Rock Actress Jane McGrath
Gardai Paudge Brennan (Patrick Ryan) and Sharon Cleere (Jane Mcrath) in Red Rock
Jane McGrath played the teenager in Amber

She plays tough cop Sharon Cleere on TV3's new soap Red Rock, but actress Jane McGrath believes she wouldn't be cut out for life on patrol.

While the 26-year-old Dublin actress admits that she feels "powerful" every time she puts on her garda uniform to shoot the drama, she thinks she would be far too soft-hearted to actually be a cop.

"I'd be an awful guard, I'm just way too sensitive," Jane explained.

"Sharon [her character] is sensitive as well but there's a line there. She's very good at her job."

The Game of Thrones star admitted her sensitive side came out when she came face to face with real-life criminals while she prepared for her role on the show.

"When I was doing my research I was going to visit stations, I happened to see people getting arrested and going into the cells," she said.

"I really wanted to go inside and ask, 'Why did you feel the need to steal? Are you okay? What's going on at home?"

The Foxrock native said that she has become so used to wearing the uniform that sometimes she forgets she's even wearing it.

"It took a while to get used to it,"she said.

"It's very tight on the neck and the pants are ridiculously baggy and you're wearing these giant, heavy shoes, then you have your fleece, stab vest, jacket and your high-vis."

"The first day, I thought no-one would take me seriously."

Gardai Paudge Brennan (Patrick Ryan) and Sharon Cleere (Jane Mcrath) in Red Rock

Gardai Paudge Brennan (Patrick Ryan) and Sharon Cleere (Jane Mcrath) in Red Rock

However, the brunette star admitted she can't just wear her garda uniform whenever she wants due to a special contract on Red Rock.

According to Jane, actors on the show are banned from wearing their garda get-up outside of filming.

"My whole body feels a bit different. I'm wearing a dress now and I'm so used to the uniform," she said. "When you do wear it, people look at you very different in public.

"It's amazing how powerful you feel in it, especially in the squad car.

"We had to sign a contract to say that we're not allowed to wear the uniform outside [filming] locations."

While the actress, who also starred in The Clinic, is delighted with her role on the TV3 show, she admitted it would be a dream come true for her to make a movie.

Jane McGrath played the teenager in Amber

Jane McGrath played Amber in the RTE drama

"I love doing this and it really keeps you on your toes but there are times I'd love to do a feature film," she told Woman's Way.

"I've been so lucky in my career so far that I've done a bit of telly, a bit of film, a bit of theatre because I want to use every single muscle.

Jane added, "I'd love to do vocal workshops because my voice is more internal than it used to be - you have to be very subtle on camera, which is great, to be so intimate with the audience."

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