Wednesday 17 January 2018

'If things go wrong with TV career, I'll be a teacher,' says TV's Eoghan McDermott


Eoghan McDermott
Eoghan McDermott

He's one of the most in-demand personalities on Irish television and radio, but Eoghan McDermott believes he could have been destined for a life in the classroom if his career in the media didn't work out.

The Voice of Ireland host (31) has admitted when he was in school he eyed up a very different career path in teaching.

A life fighting crime was also near the top of Eoghan's wish list as he considered joining the gardai as well.

"I probably would've been a teacher or a garda," he told the Herald.

"That's what I wanted to do. My mum and dad were both teachers and my dad recommended a lot of text for the Leaving Cert English syllabus, so it has always been a exam and education-aware household.

"There's also a lot of guards in my family," he added.

While the 2fm DJ couldn't be happier about his broadcasting success, he said that teaching is still his back-up plan.

"I'm delighted it's digressed other ways though, but it's still the fall-back," he explained.

"If everything goes pear shaped in a couple of years, I might go back to teaching," he added.


The presenter, who studied Politics and Irish in UCD, revealed he even had a short stint as a teacher after he moved back to Ireland after spending time in New York, to where he had moved in the hope of achieving success as a dancer.

"I actually taught for a couple of months in my old secondary school when I came back from New York," he said at the launch of Eircom's #StudyHacks campaign.

"I was broke, but I had an Irish degree so I covered maternity leave for a couple of weeks. It was tough going - I was only 24 at that stage so teaching 17 and 18-yea-olds was pretty difficult."

Eoghan also spoke about his Leaving Cert experiences: "I thought I was way more prepared than I was. I over-estimated my own intelligence and preparation but it went fine."

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