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I want Michael Lyster's GAA hotseat - Jacqui

SHE is already the first woman to present a sports show on RTE radio, and now Jacqui Hurley has her sights set on television.

Jacqui (29) says she would love to follow in the footsteps of Michael Lyster, who fronts popular GAA show The Sunday Game.

"I would love that -- I think it would be great to be involved in it in some way over the next few years," she told the Herald.

Jacqui will return to RTE One radio for Sunday Sport this weekend. But the blonde presenter believes she still has a long way to go when it comes to TV sports.

"I think I'd be foolish to say I wouldn't love that, but I think you need to be patient with these things and I'm sure the opportunities will come."

The Cork native was full of praise for the current presenters of The Sunday Game.

"Michael has been on it for so long and he's such a brilliant presenter.


"And Des (Cahill) with the night time programme -- I think the two boys are doing an extremely good job."

Jacqui is also hoping to follow in the footsteps of fellow RTE sports presenter Joanne Cantwell, whose rugby show Against The Head returned to our screens on RTE Two last night.

The past year was an eventful year for Jacqui, who married boyfriend Shane McMahon in June.

"Married life is great. It's not any different.

"But it's been brilliant and we have had a fantastic year," Jacqui told the Herald.

However, she is still grieving for her brother Sean, who died in a road accident in November 2011.

The bubbly presenter has undertaken to complete Sean's bucket list in his memory.

Jacqui has run a number of marathons, held a charity fundraiser with her RTE colleagues and taken over a pub.

The events were used to raise cash for a charity long supported by both Sean and Jacqui -- the Centre for Cardiac Risk in Young Persons (CRY).

For more details, see www.cry.ie