Monday 11 December 2017

I trust my 'gorgeous' Becky 100pc, says boyfriend Glen

REBECCA Creighton's boyfriend isn't worried about her sparking up a romance in the X Factor house.

Glen Lawlor (23), from Tallaght, told the Herald that he and the reality TV finalist have a rock solid relationship and he doesn't have any fears that she might have a wandering eye during her stint in London.

"All the attention she gets is to be expected," he said. "She's a gorgeous-looking girl and quite a catch. We have trust in each other, we have a great relationship.

"You have to have trust in each other. And besides she's up early every morning, then it's go go, go, for her. They're just like a big family in there.

"None of the guys would I consider too much of a threat," he added.

Her supportive beau of two years has been a regular at her local performances before she hit it big on the X Factor - and he has even bought tickets to the UK for the next three weeks, confident that she will make it all the way.

"I used to go to all her gigs, but I always knew she was too good to gig in pubs.

"I'm booked to go over there for the next three weeks. That's how much confidence I have in her.

"I got an English phone there as well because I can't vote on the Irish lines when I'm there."

And Rebecca echoed his comments saying that rumours of any romance in the house are untrue.

Her Belle Amie bandmate Sophia hit the headlines earlier this week when photos of her and Mullingar native Niall Horan (16) emerged.

"There's literally none of that, it's the last thing anybody can think about it," she said.

"Sophia - that's a total joke, I mean Sophia is 23."

After her group had to sing for survival since landing in the bottom two on Sunday night, she said they have picked a tough song for the next performance to show their capabilities.


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