Thursday 23 November 2017

'I thought I'd never find love again after break-up', reveals Claire Byrne

Claire Byrne
Claire Byrne

She's happily engaged and a doting mum to two young kids, but Claire Byrne has said she wasn't hopeful about finding love again and starting a family after her first marriage ended.

The current affairs broadcaster (40) divorced ex-husband Richard Johnson in 2005 and admitted she had convinced herself she wasn't going to wed again.

"I'd resigned myself to the fact that I might not get married again and might not have children and I was fine with that," she said. "What was the point of me sitting at home and crying myself to sleep into my pillow?"

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, the broadcaster spent time in the States "not caring" about her romantic prospects.

"I went to Nashville. I had a brilliant two years wandering around and having fun and I like to think that, as a consequence of not caring, it all happened for me," she said.

When Claire met her fiance Gerry Scollan, with whom she has son Patrick (1) and baby daughter Jane, she realised he was "the one" for her very soon after they started seeing each other.

"I didn't know straight away, but after the first date I did know," the blonde said.

"I had been around quite a while at that stage. I think at one stage I would have hated people to say 'When you know, you know' - but that was how it worked out.

"We had so many similarities in our background - size of family, rural upbringing, the values we were raised with."

The Laois native also admitted her personal relationships were part of the reason why she left Twitter, as she was fed up with trolls commenting on her love life.

"I found there was idiots saying personal stuff to me that I just didn't need to hear. Without wishing to give them oxygen they were very personal about my relationships," she said.

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