Wednesday 26 September 2018

I still get nervous for Bafta gig, reveals Graham Norton

Graham Norton
Graham Norton

He’s set to present the Bafta TV awards for the ninth time on Sunday and chat show host Graham Norton admits he still get nervous about it.

Graham doesn’t have any pre-show tricks but admits he loves a glass of vino “to take the edge off”.

“This one I do get nervous about, because the audience isn’t a normal audience,” he said. “It’s not just the famous people. The famous people are off-putting enough, but then the rest of it is executives and directors and people who are just bored out of their minds. There’s no excitement for them”.


The Corkman is up for two awards and admits presenting the show helps take his mind off being nominated.

“If you’re just in the audience and you don’t win, then you have to sit there with a right puss on for many hours before you get a drink,” he told Digital Spy.

“Whereas at least if I don’t win, I’m busy. I’ve still got things to read, my wine’s just there – it’s a much better situation. It’s a much better way to lose.

“And also, you’re being paid to be there so that’s the other thing – you haven’t shown up and put a suit on for nothing,” he added.

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