Thursday 14 December 2017

‘I failed miserably at my first RTE audition’ - Marian Finucane

Marian Finucane. Photo: Gareth Chaney
Marian Finucane. Photo: Gareth Chaney

She’s one of Ireland’s most accomplished broadcasters, but Marian Finucane has admitted she failed miserably at her first audition for a job.

The RTE presenter was working as an architect when she bumped into an RTE presenter – and it changed the course of her career.

“I ran into a guy called John O’Donohue ... he was doing the equivalent of Prime Time at that stage and I got talking to him.

“He said to me: ‘Did you ever think of working in broadcasting?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, right.’”

Ms Finucane said she then went to an audition for a feature programme that John was working on at the time. Although it wasn’t a success, it inspired her to pursue that avenue.

“I went out and I did the audition and failed miserably. But it was like a light switch had switched on in my head and I thought: ‘I would really love that’.


“So, I kept my eye on the paper for the first time the advert (for a job at RTE) went up and I applied and I left architecture behind without a thought.”

Ms Finucane joined the national broadcaster as a continuity announcer, but she told Woman’s Way that she always wanted to become a presenter.

“The first programme I got was a books and newspaper review programme on telly. And I kind of stumbled into radio programming really, in that they were stuck for a reporter one summer on a new programme that was starting up."

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