Thursday 23 November 2017

'I cried thinking RTE didn't like me for who I am', reveals Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy pictured on the set of TV3 s new afternoon show Late Lunch Live . Late Lunch Live
Lucy Kennedy pictured on the set of TV3 s new afternoon show Late Lunch Live . Late Lunch Live

She was a stalwart at RTE for eight years, but Lucy Kennedy has revealed that at times she felt the national broadcaster didn't like her.

Lucy (39) was known for fronting shows such as Podge and Rodge and Living With Lucy before the presenting gigs dried up.

"When I was in RTE, as a ballsy bird I think that it sometimes went against me, I really do believe that," she said.

"I was there for eight years, and I don't want to seem like a bitter fool - because I'm not - but looking back on my time at RTE I remember wondering why I wasn't asked to audition for The Voice or The All Ireland Talent Show or any of these big gigs - I was often overlooked.

"I'd say for a good four years I panicked about what I was going to do next," said Lucy in the current edition of Irish Tatler magazine.

"I actually cried thinking that maybe they don't like me for who I am, but I can't change."

Lucy is now more than happy fronting TV3's Seven O'Clock Show with Martin King, and she's set to begin filming Blind Date later this year.

The evening slot allows her to drop her children, Jack and Holly, to school and work from home in the afternoons.

Lucy also revealed that she once contemplated having plastic surgery.


"A few years ago I was thinking of getting a nose job after I saw a really unattractive side profile of myself, and I thought I looked like a mixture of Dustin and Mr Punch," she said.

"My pals said, 'Luce, if you change what you look like, then you change who you are'.

"That was good advice. I don't feel I can rely on my looks, so maybe the funnier girls and the ballsy girls are the girls who aren't perfect'."

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