Sunday 23 September 2018

I could be living with celebs again but for TV3, reveals Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy is pictured with Kyle Doyle (5) and Caoimhe Barrett (6)
Lucy Kennedy is pictured with Kyle Doyle (5) and Caoimhe Barrett (6)

Presenter Lucy Kennedy has hinted that her hit show Livin' With Lucy could be making a comeback.

The Seven O'Clock Show host revealed to the Herald yesterday that the show, which saw Lucy stay with celebrities in their homes, may be remade by TV3.

The show, which previously aired on RTE, is one of three projects that have been pitched by the station to replace Blind Date, after a decision was taken not to remake the show.

"It might be [coming back]. I loved it, that's where my heart will always lie. I think it could work on TV3, but it's one of a few projects," Lucy said.

The broadcaster was originally announced as the host of Blind Date after TV3 purchased the rights to the show, but insisted she's not disappointed she won't be fronting the series.


"In hindsight, it was probably massive pressure because there's only one Blind Date host, which is obviously Cilla Black, and I think I would've been directly compared to her," she said.

"We don't have the same budgets and I would've hated for it to have looked like a cheaper version."

Speaking at the launch of La Roche-Posay's 'You Share We Care' campaign for Temple Street Children's Hospital, the mother-of-two said she would love to work with her former 2fm co-presenter Baz Ashmawy again.

"I adore Baz. If I was going to do radio I'd do it with Baz," Lucy added.

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