Tuesday 25 June 2019

I can't wait to swap my PJs for heels reveals Fair City's latest arrival Sash

Dubliner Stephanie Kelly was introduced to viewers last month as Carringstown's new brassy blonde, Sash Bishop.

Her arrival raised a few eyebrows in town as she was the first character on the RTE soap to catch on to this much maligned trend.

Despite her unusual sense of style, Sash soon managed to dispel misconceptions about young women who wear pyjamas during the day, and now Stephanie hopes to see her character adopt more feminine attire.

"I'm just a girly girl really, I go out in heels, so it would be nice to see Sash wear something different eventually," the actress (23) told the Herald.

"But really I just want her to achieve what she wants to achieve, get a job, get on better with her mother.

"She's really fun and headstrong, she's got a good head on her shoulders."

Of her own style, the Ballymun native said: "I wear a bit of everything, I love hats, scarves.

"My style is a bit hippie-ish but I would never wear my pyjamas out on the street."

Stephanie said she felt particularly welcomed when she joined the cast of Fair City because she already knew the actors who play her three onscreen cousins, the Bishop brothers.

"We did a lot of plays together in Ballymun based on real life issues," she explained.


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