Tuesday 21 November 2017

I can hardly bear to confess it... but The Voice had me at the logo

CONFESSION time. Light the scented candles and draw the curtains, because we're about to have a girlie moment.

You'll appreciate, I hope, that it's only because we've come to know each other a little over the past few weeks that I feel comfortable talking about this at all and that I know it'll go no further.

Quote me and I'll deny it -- but I'm quite enjoying RTE talent show The Voice of Ireland.

Fact is, I think I speak for any number of blokes when I say it all started with the worst of intentions, sitting poised with fingers across eyes with every expectation that I would shortly be crumpling up the TV licence and lobbing it furiously at the telly (yet again).


But two shows in and it shows little sign of being anywhere near as shoddy and humourless as its predecessor, the All Ireland Talent Show.

The Voice had me with the logo. A giant fist clutching a microphone with two fingers raised in a rock-n-roll victory sign. But at the end of each segment, the logo spins towards the camera and freeze-frames in what is generally recognised in Ireland as an entirely different gesture. Genius!

Then there's Bressie of The Blizzards, who visibly winces whenever anyone warbles off key who has no problem slagging off Westlife's Kian Egan either (we're still waiting for that one to really kick off).

But it's the format that producers seem to be having most fun with, where the judges sit with their backs to the hopefuls.

Viewers have already been treated to Sharon Corr and Brian Kennedy being reunited with singers they have toured with in the past, failing to make the grade. Cue mortification all round.

What we've all been dying to see, though, is the moment when they hear the voice of a 16-year-old angel only to spin around and see some ancient crone with a hunchback.

Or better yet, the voice of a Sixties soul singer and the body of Chucky, the children's doll of horror movie fame.

Speaking of which, the very best of luck to Richie Hayes for the rest of the competition.

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