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Huge rush for tickets to Kenny's new show

Pat Kenny's new television show is already a hit, if public enthusiasm is anything to go by.

RTE have said that the number of people seeking tickets to join the live audience for the upcoming series has been 'phenomenal'.

The Frontline will begin broadcasting on September 21 and already thousands of people are clamouring to get a seat in the studio for the live shows.

The show replaces John Bowman's long-running Questions and Answers, which usually had around 60 seats for members of the public.

For The Frontline, the number of seats has been doubled to 120. But it seems this will be in no way adequate to cope with demand, as an incredible 4,000 applications have been received from the public.

Kenny is expected to excel in his new role because his strongest talents have always been in the realm of current affairs. The Frontline will deal with topical issues and the former Late Late Show host is known to be relishing the opportunity to dive into his new role.

His appetite for the cut-and-thrust of the new show was mirrored in remarks he made when asked if he had any regrets about his own performances while host of the Late Late. He declared he was not hard enough on "just about every politician that walked through the door". Now, every Monday at 10.30pm on RTE One, he will get the chance to grill public figures on his new show.

The live programme will feature current affairs debate on the hot subjects of the day plus some "surprises" too, said an RTE spokeswoman.

The programme makers have issued a public invitation for comments and ideas on topics.