Friday 18 January 2019

Host Kathryn's worth her weight in gold

Kathryn Thomas has triumphed in her stand-in role for Gerry Ryan on Operation Transformation, say the show's experts.

Nutritionist Dr Eva Orsmond says the former No Frontiers presenter has been an outstanding success.

And Dr Eva's feelings are matched by her fellow experts, lifecoach Eddie Murphy and fitness guru Karl Henry.

"It was just the perfect choice for the programme, because she's been so down to earth, so as a team, it hasn't been the presenter on one side and the leaders on another side.

"We've been all really together and [Kathryn was] so available and so encouraging, so I really have to say that it went beyond expectations.

"Of course we were all a bit sad on the first day because we were doing it in our format, we knew when Gerry arrived and so on ...

"But this year has been obviously the biggest success ever, and I'm sure Gerry would be looking on, very proud of what we have continued," she said.

Dr Orsmond and Eddie Murphy also agreed with Karl Henry when he remarked that the 32-year-old broadcaster had been a role model for the show's leaders, Ronan Scully, Rachel Walker, Emily Pigott, Sinead Heffernan and Jayne Glavin, who surpassed their targets and collectively lost 8st 4lbs.

While Kathryn was cheered by the positive comments, the Carlow native insisted that it was never her intention to "fill" Gerry Ryan's shoes.

"I was nervous taking this show on because it had been a huge success -- so many people had made it successful -- and Gerry definitely being one of those people, it was a case of I cannot step into those shoes, I cannot do that," she said. "Once I knew that, I didn't have to do that, that was the big thing for me, that I was allowed to put my own stamp on the show and doing it my own way and knowing that he would have been happy for me to do that and he would have been proud that the show kept going."


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