Friday 15 December 2017

Gangland drama takes up where the clinic left off

Gangland drama Love/Hate has proved a hit with TV audiences.

It was brought in as the replacement for one of RTE's most successful programmes and was always going to have big shoes to fill.

But The Clinic just got served.

After the hit show was sensationally axed last year, rumours were rife that a new drama was being brought in to replace it.

And Love/Hate has exceeded all expectations -- securing massive audience figures, just 1,000 viewers short of where its predecessor left off.

The four-part drama series debuted to an impressive audience of 439,000 last week and earned 15,000 extra viewers for Sunday night's episode.

The new series is even set to outdo The Clinic -- which already had seven years of loyal viewers under its belt when it pulled in nearly half a million per week.

The crime drama revolves around Dublin's gangland scene starring up and coming actor Robert Sheehan, The Wire's Aidan Gillen, Ruth Bradley, Ruth Negga and Brian Gleeson.

Viewers have responded to the drama that has it all -- violence, romance, intrigue -- and has been praised by critics throughout the country.

It centres around Darren Treacy, played by Sheehan, who fled to Spain last year when a gun was found in his house. He returns from exile back to Dublin to celebrate his brother's release from prison.


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