Saturday 19 January 2019

Feeling better: Health Of The Nation

RTE 1, 8pm Dr Mark Hamilton and Dr Nina Byrnes (below) set out on a trip around the country in their mobile clinic, determined to track down and treat the nation's health problems.

Tonight's episode features a son-to-father kidney transplant. The cameras are given access to the theatre to follow the surgeons as they perform this life-changing operation.


Waterloo Road

BBC1, 7.30pm Karen is determined to try and promote a better image of Waterloo Road after the school suffers bad publicity. But when she hires an over-eager PR woman to work some magic, things get even more complicated.

Meanwhile, Sam is keen to find the father she's never known before she dies -- but will it end in heartache?



UTV, 11pm This report contains some chilling first-hand accounts of the terror caused by random violence in the UK. Jane was left in a coma when she was mugged for her handbag, while Derek recalls a smashed bottle being pushed into his face when thugs stole his mobile phone.

However, more and more people are unwilling to report this kind of vicious assault to the police.


In With The Flynns

BBC1, 8.30pm Liam and Caroline had their first child when they were still teenagers -- but are now in their 30s and struggling with three kids. Liam's wayward brother Tommy should really give them a bit of a dig-out, but is much more of a hindrance than a help.

The hassled couple clock up as much overtime as possible to try and go on a sun holiday.

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