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Fair City's Suzanne expecting more trouble

SHE grew up in front of the nation as one of Carrigstown's longest-standing residents, and now long-suffering Suzanne Doyle looks set to become Fair City's newest mum.

Fans of the hit RTE soap will witness an emotional Suzanne -- played by actress Sarah Flood (nee McDowell) for the last 21 years -- discover she is pregnant with troubled spouse Damien Halpin's baby during tomorrow's episode.

The unhappy young couple have been engaged in an endless string of bitter domestic disputes for the past number of months, which has resulted in Suzanne physically attacking her former childhood sweetheart.

However, things are set to escalate further next week when a confused Suzanne finds out she is expecting her first child with Damien.

The character was once desperate to become a mum but it seems the timing couldn't be any worse.

She confides in Louie, who she has been growing increasingly close to recently. He convinces Suzanne that, despite their problems, Damien will support her pregnancy.

Completely drained, heartbroken Suzanne does not have the strength to finally tell her husband until later in the week.

Meanwhile, Damien is roped into smuggling booze into the town's Leaving Cert party on Wednesday, where things get out of hand.


Viewers will then see Damien wake up on his own doorstep; hungover and ashamed of his out-of-control behaviour.

Mark covers for his older brother to Suzanne but she soon finds out what he has been up to and is furious that he stayed out all night.

Suzanne is mortified when she discovers that his actions at the party are the talk of the town. Dermot demands that Damien cleans up the building where the party was held.

An increasingly frustrated Suzanne finally tells a gob-smacked Damien she is pregnant, leading to yet another argument.

Mark interrupts their fight and later Damien reacts angrily to Mark's accusations of cruelty to Suzanne.

The fiery storyline couldn't be any more different to lead actress Flood's real life.

The star (29) married long-term beau Larry Flood this summer. The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Jennifer.