Wednesday 24 April 2019

Fair City baby -- but who's the daddy?

'Who's the Daddy?' will be the question on everybody's mind this Christmas in Carrigstown.

Scheming minx Yvonne Doyle is pregnant -- and the baby's father could be Paul Brennan or old flame Louie.

And, not surprisingly, this is not going down too well with her lesbian fiancee Connie.

Confused? Well you should be, but Paul's wife Niamh appears to be on the ball with her bid to get Yvonne to forge the child's birth certificate.

As viewers are well aware, Paul and Niamh have been trying for a baby, but IVF treatment has so far proved to be unsuccessful.

This has led to difficult times for the couple, and a "weak moment" for Paul, who bedded Yvonne while Niamh was away last September.

While Louie is aware of their torrid fling, Niamh isn't.

This Christmas will see Paul and Niamh celebrate the first anniversary of their wedding. However, the couple are both preoccupied with staking a claim on Yvonne's unborn child.

And to make matters more complicated, Louie tells Yvonne over Christmas that he is prepared to take the legal route if necessary, and prove paternity of the baby.


Not surprisingly, this is having a negative effect on Yvonne's relationship with Connie, who will be pining for a return home to Oz.

Viewers know that Yvonne already has a son -- and that he was taken into care while she was living in Australia.

Meanwhile, Niamh continues in her quest to convince Yvonne to falsify the certificate, while Paul continues to stall her.


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