Thursday 17 January 2019

Dubs star Eamon is quick off the mark as he gets date in 15 minutes on Take Me Out

HUNKY Dublin GAA star Eamon Fennell has proved that he can make a good catch off the pitch by finding a date in just 15 minutes.

The 26-year-old certainly wasn't left singing the blues after he walked off from a TV dating show with a stunning blonde.

The midfielder bravely put himself at the mercy of 30 single women for Ray Foley's speed dating programme Take Me Out.

Eamon did not even attempt to play hard to get, and he was quite clear in his preferences.

"I would be looking for a GAA WAG," He said. "I have been single for about four or five years. I've done the single life and I am looking to settle down now and hopefully get a nice girl on the arm to go to these award shows and all the nights out.

"I'd love someone to have the craic with."

A well-informed source said that the sportsman had been a hit with the girls as soon as he walked on stage. "Eamon was a huge hit with all the contestants, the girls all loved him.

"Only two of the girls' lights went out when he arrived on the stage initially and one of those went out by accident," the insider said.

"He's a good looking guy, he's very fit from all the sport and he's 6ft4in tall, so he went down well.

"He does a little magic trick on it with a hamster and that got a bit of a laugh from the girls.

"He has a very outgoing personality and has a bit of a reputation as a ladies' man so this show was right down his street.

"But a couple of girls did opt out after saying that they couldn't understand his Dublin accent!"

Thankfully, the one single lady that had caught Eamon's eye, Tipperary beauty Emma Russell, was not put off by any of his tricks or his accent.

"I decided originally what I wanted was a Dan Carter lookalike and when I saw him I thought he was definitely what I was looking for," she said. "He was definitely sporty and a big meaty man."

Eamon was equally pleased with the result of the show admitting that had "noticed her as soon as [he] walked into the room".

"I was really into Emma from the start and I really liked her answers. Hopefully things will go well with us," he said.


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