Wednesday 22 November 2017

Dr Eva -- why I've got to be tough on Natalie

Tough-talking Operation Transformation nutritionist Dr Eva Orsmond says she has to be "cruel to be kind" to young contestant Natalie Cox.

Viewers will see Dr Orsmond criticise the Dublin mum for not sticking to her meal plan on tonight's episode.

However, the medical expert said she was not trying to be "mean" and that she had been tough on Natalie because she wanted to "mother" her.

"Natalie had a hard time when she was young and I think she needs a bit of help [when it comes to] household management," Dr Orsmond told the Herald.

"I try to mammy her a little bit and she has been brilliant at taking constructive criticism on board."

Natalie (24) was 17 years old when her mother died of septicaemia and she explained in the first episode that not having her around had been incredibly difficult, and had contributed to her unhealthy weight gain.

"I would be close to all the leaders but when I see that there is somebody in difficulty, I try to help them in any way I can," Dr Orsmond said.


"I told [Natalie] off for snacking on nuts and seeds, for being disorganised and not paying attention to her meal plans but I did not want to be mean in any way.

"I'm just trying to guide her, to help her gain certain skills that she didn't have the chance to learn from her mum unfortunately.

"You need someone in your life who can give that advice and tips.

"I hope that it will help her get the end results that she wants," the Swedish native added.

Natalie, who lives in Dolphin's Barn with husband Michael (26) and their son Joshua (4), hopes to reach 14st 9.5lbs by the end of the RTE reality show.

Last week, she managed to lose 8lb and while she continued to lose weight this week, fans of the programme will see her fail to reach her target tonight.

Meanwhile, dad-of-two Killian Byrne (39), another leader from Dublin, exceeded the expert's expectations.

"Men do tend to find it easier to lose weight in the beginning," Eva explained.

"There are a number of reasons for that - they have less overall fat and more lean muscles than women, so that makes it easier."


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