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DJ Fearne gets fright of her life with sags and wrinkles as she hits 65!

RADIO 1 DJ Fearne Cotton has been given a glimpse of the future after photo wizards showed how she will look on her bus pass.

The 30-year-old presenter has been digitally aged with wrinkles and sagging cheeks to tie in with BBC1's season looking at the issues of an ageing population.

And Cotton said she may pay more attention to her skincare regime after seeing the results.

"I had never really thought about what I would look like when I get older," she said.


"It seems a rougher, witchier version of Meryl Streep -- I might need to up my moisturiser routine."

Cotton won a gold at the Sony Radio Awards earlier this year and has now acquired some silver as artists gave her some grey highlights in the picture which shows how she may look as she hits 65.

The two-week season When I'm 65 has been examining how the population will fare in later life with programmes featuring Gloria Hunniford, John Simpson and Tony Robinson.