Friday 24 May 2019

DEATH BECOMES HER: Yvonne Doyle returns to bury her ex-husband and stir things up around Carrigstown

Shock will descend on Carrigstown this week when one of the soap's most popular residents is found dead.

Bistro owner Mike Gleeson is to meet a tragic end in his beloved restaurant.

And chins will hit the floor when the soap's super-bitch Yvonne Doyle, jets in from Australia to bury her ex-husband.

And sparks are set to fly when Yvonne comes face to face with the latest lady in Mike's life -- his fiery girlfriend Geraldine.

The devastated redhead is already struggling to come to terms with her last conversation with Mike, in which she called him "a mean, bitter little man" and slapped him across the face, and is less than impressed when Yvonne comes on the scene.

The brunette beauty had fled her Dublin life following a hit-and-run incident and has been on the run in Australia with her son ever since.


Notorious for her ruthless streak, Yvonne's ambition and determination to make money is what led to her marriage strife from day one and even led to an eventual suicide attempt.

By all accounts the character hasn't changed a bit as she makes her entrance clad head to toe in black ready to stir up trouble.

Ciara O'Callaghan, who originally struggled to break in to the acting scene, was lucky to be cast as the second Yvonne Doyle a number of years ago and credits her role as the neurotic restaurant boss for launching her acting career.

Prior to her big break, Yvonne's character was played by Alex McDowell, the older sister of Sarah McDowell who plays Suzanne Doyle.

Ciara caused controversy in 2005 when it emerged she had starred in a sexy sci-fi film before finding fame in the top soap.

The brunette had enjoyed nude romps in the low-budget movie Space-jacked when she was still a struggling actress in 1997.

However her video sex romps came back to haunt her when clips of the film were sown on RTE's Blizzard of Odd. At the time, host Colin Murphy revealed how Fair City's Ray, played by Mick Nolan, also starred in the movie.

Since walking away from Carrigstown to try her hand at stage roles Ciara has appeared in a number of big name projects.

Once voted as the hottest babe on TV, the Dublin stunner has since appeared in hit shows The Clinic, Flight of the Earls and Baker Street Irregulars and is said to be looking forward to reprising her role as brunette vixen Yvonne.

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