Wednesday 22 November 2017

CUT! TV3 changes name of reality show

PRODUCERS of reality series Southside Houswives have been forced to change the programme's name after TV3 bosses complained that the title was misleading.

The Herald can reveal that the new reality show, which follows a similar format to the Real Houswives Of Beverly Hills, has been renamed as two of its main stars are from Dublin's northside.

The series follows five glamorous housewives and charts their lavish lifestyles.

However, TV bosses ordered the title of the series be changed to The Housewives Of Dublin as stars Jo Jordan (below right) and Roz Flanagan (left) spend most of their lives in the north of the capital.

An insider close to the cast and crew said the name has been changed after several complaints were made to the producers.

"The name was changed out of the blue yesterday. The cast had been giving out that the name wasn't right when Jo Jordan joined the cast and, once Roz Flanagan joined the series, TV3 had to step in and change the name. It just didn't make sense at all. All the women are well off but they didn't start out on the Southside," the source explained.

JJ Carpets owner Jo revealed that she grew up in Ballymun and wants her side of the show to focus on the positives of being from the Northside.

"For me, the series will be about showing younger girls how to make it.

"I started off in Ballymun and by 16 I had a baby. I want to be an inspiration to all those young girls out there. I've found a man that I love and we have successful businesses together, I've come a long way," she said.

Meanwhile, as one of the only married stars of the show, self-made businesswoman Jo is what producers are calling the "true housewife" on the show.


Her co-stars include Lisa Murphy, who is engaged to celebrity lawyer Gerald Kean, mum-to-be Virginia Macari, who is dating partner Kaste Dahl, and Botox queen Danielle Meagher, who is single. Best pal of Joan Palmer, Roz Flanagan is the only other married star.

Jo revealed she is ready for the public to get an insight into her marriage and will be showing her co-stars what it takes to be a real housewife. "It's funny that I'm one of the only ones on the show that is actually married. I have been happily married for five years and we have two children. My husband James will be in and out of the programme as well because we run businesses together. I'm looking forward to people seeing that part of my life," she explained.

As one of the lesser known stars in the series, Jo does not come from a wealthy background and admits that she isn't used to being on the social scene. Instead, Jo spends her time working for charity events such as the Cannonball run.

Jo says she is happier than ever with her husband.

"For some reason there have been [inaccurate] reports that I am separated but trust me I am very happily married, we have been together for nine years.

"I hated people thinking we were separated, because we have such a strong marriage, we are business partners and we couldn't be happier," she added.


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