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Cross words

Tom Cruise had a heated exchange with talk show host Matt Lauer when Lauer mentioned Cruise's, below, earlier criticism of Brooke Shields for taking anti- depressants. "Matt, Matt, Matt," Cruise chided every time Lauer said he knew people who were helped by anti-depressants. The actor repeatedly told the host that he didn't know what he was talking about before calling him "glib".

A student reporter found herself in perhaps the most intensely embarrassing situation possible when she was interviewing actor John Cusack, below, at a press junket for his film, Grace is Gone.

"I was just texting my friend who's in class and it's so funny because they're watching American Beauty today," she started.

"American Beauty? What's funny about that?" asked a clearly perplexed Cusack.

"You were in that?"


"American Beauty?"


"What's the one with the rose petals... ?"

In an attempt to mask her embarrassment, she continually asked him if he was sure he wasn't in the film. He wasn't.

American Idol judge Paula Abdul, below, made a bizarre appearance on Fox News in 2007. The one-time singer was slurring her words and moving around in her chair so much that she swivelled right out of shot at one point. Some of her answers were so unintelligible that the anchors had to ask her to repeat them. Predictably, the official line after the event was "technical difficulties".