Saturday 19 January 2019

Cora's 'Come Dine With Me' is all a bit like the Hangover

The bubbly blonde who caused such a stir this week on the Irish version of Come Dine With Me now says that looking back on it reminded her of watching the film Hangover 2.

The show was filmed in the spring, and looking back now, cosmetic nurse Cora Murphy (26) -- who probably had a drink or two over the odds at the time -- doesn't remember it quite as the cameras showed.

"Myself and Johnny (Cox) were texting each other last night after watching it. It was like Hangover 2 trying to piece things together from pictures. I couldn't even remember saying some of the things I said."

Much was speculated on a potential romance between the sassy Mayo girl and PhD student Darragh McCausland, but it seems love is not in the air.

"Darragh's amazing -- he's such a good guy but, no, nothing happened there."

Cora has proved a ratings winner for TV3 this week with up to 380,000 viewers tuning in to watch her cook up a storm. And she told the Herald she was happy with how she came across on the show.


Cora had been looking to cause "mischief" at Dublin mum Eimhear O'Dalaigh's dinner table by raising grievances from her own meal on Monday night.

She kept up the tensions by questioning the merits of the 43-year-old nutrition expert's job until Darragh hilariously intervened.

"Obviously, Thursday night I was a little bit drunk so I was just having the craic. If something's boring me I'll try to wind it up a bit, not out of malice or anything. I did with Eimhear because I knew she could play ball.

"What wasn't seen on camera was that we actually ran out of wine and cracked into the whiskey.

"I fell asleep in the taxi on the way home and had to be woken up."


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