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Come Dine With Me on the menu

TV3 is hoping to add an Irish version of Come Dine With Me to its menu of programming.

The reality television show has proved a massive success across the water, with plans now afoot to screen a modified version in Ireland.

Given its proven track record with audiences, TV3 bosses are confident that the show would be gobbled up by viewers.

"It's a show that everyone loves to watch and to talk about," she said. "The regular version is a big ratings winner but the celebrity version is an even bigger success, often pulling in more than three million viewers.

"If it were possible to do an Irish version of the programme, there's no doubting it would go down a storm as it's a format that everyone's already familiar with and enjoys watching."

TV3 has enjoyed considerable success thanks to its tendency to buy the rights to international programmes and adapting them to an Irish audience.

Among the shows that it has previously screened with an Irish format are The Apprentice, Deal Or No Deal, The Weakest Link and, most recently, it is auditioning for Take Me Out.

TV3's head of programming Ben Frow has never made any secret that he would love to have the cookery programme on TV3's schedule.

The show sees a group of amateur chefs entertaining each other in their own homes with points given afterwards and a cash prize for the winner.

Made by Granada for Channel 4, Mr Frow said similar shows were often an essential part of its afternoon and evening programming.

"Daytime is very underrated but its influence on your overall success as a station is huge," he said.

"On Channel 4 you've got Come Dine With Me and Deal Or No Deal. These are shows that can define a channel and can also really define its success. It's an undervalued part of the schedule."

The celebrity version of the programme has already featured many Irish celebrities who try to show off their culinary skills on camera.

Among those who have taken part are gardener Diarmuid Gavin and investigator Donal MacIntyre.

Big Brother star Brian Dowling recently took part in a special edition of the show featuring former housemates from the reality programme.